Bushfire preparation is all about ensuring you find a home that has the relevant bushfire zonings before you build or purchase.

Nobody wants to find out that the home of their dreams, which took years to perfect, could be consumed in moments.

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Beautiful countryside and semi-rural homes are often at particular risk of bushfires and as a result it is crucial to ensure you are aware of bushfire zonings.

Luckily we are passionate about providing a solution, and we have done the research for you.

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There are four main Bushfire Attach Levels (commonly referred to as BAL Zones), which classify intensity of the Bushfire zone surrounding your site.

  • BAL 12.5 – means your site and home will be exposed to ember attacks.
  • BAL 29 – at this level your site has increased levels of an ember attack and burning debris.
  • BAL 40 – an increased likelihood of your site and home being exposed to flames, plus ember attack threats.
  • BAL FZ – this means your home is in a Flame Zone, where there will potentially be direct expose to flames in addition to heat flux and ember attacks.

When it comes to building your home in a bushfire zone, there are certain requirements and finishes must be included, depending on the BAL level. For example, to prevent embers getting into the ceilings, gutter guards are installed. Or, so your verandah doesn’t catch alight when exposed to embers or flames, the decking will be made from bushfire resisting timber or non-combustible material. GET A FREE INFO PACK HERE for more details!

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Manor has a specialized Council Liaison team to ensure your home meets bushfire zonings and requirements in your site location.

adviceYou can relax knowing that bushfire requirements for your home will be sorted by our council liaison team.

It is recommended that you get a Bushfire Report done on your property prior to considering a build, as it will help in discussions about the various requirements you need to consider on the home.



Manor believes in building homes that have a seamless transition between indoors and out, where the wide breezy verandahs welcome a host of entertaining, and where open plan living designs match functionality with style. It is important that your home is protected from natural threats.

This is why Manor believes in partnering with you throughout the build, to ensure your needs are accommodated and details about your site are clear; working towards a home solution that welcomes your new lifestyle, with comfort, ease and efficiency. Watch video below to see how Bill & Sue found a solution.


Without a practical home solution that can withstand Bushfire threats, your lifestyle has no beginning. So let’s work together to create the beginning and end to your new lifestyle opportunity. If you would like more information on our building process and methods, be sure to REQUEST A FREE INFO PACK HERE!