The following items have not been included in the pricing for ‘Special Offers’ but may be necessary for the scope of building works to take place.
It is important to note that although we are passionate about delivering your complete turn-key service through our ‘system-built’ construction methods, there are external factors such as the below, which will influence your build.

If you are unsure whether these apply to your site, please contact a Manor Consultant today.

  • Payment of council fees
  • Payment of any connection fees for water, electricity, gas, etc
  • Allowance of any additional council requirements, eg silt-fencing, snow loading, fire regulations, pest treatment etc
  • Levelling of site or additional on-site works if fall on land over house area is greater than 400mm
  • Removal of trees, branches, gate posts, etc to provide access of home to site
  • Earthworks or driveway construction to allow access of home onto final placement area by delivery vehicle and any rectification work due to failure of road edges or surface
  • Connections to TV aerial, telephone or any associated works
  • Upgrading of any existing services for plumbing or electrical connections
  • Survey of site and placement of corner pegs to mark house position (if required)
  • Soil classification or Geotechnical report (if required)
  • Additional painting including more than one wall colour, special paint finishes, different colour feature walls, pick-out panel doors, light / dark colours requiring extra coats for coverage, etc.
  • Building materials other than standard grade items as referred to in specification for particular environmental conditions of final site of home, eg extreme marine conditions, etc

If any of the above is required to be carried out by Manor Town & Country Homes, extra will be charged at the minimum rates possible.


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