Just like you, Sarah has been reading countless articles on the features of modular building.

Mrs Jones - Manor Homes SomersbyAnd, just like you, she is sometimes torn between the traditional path of brick construction, and the unanswered questions surrounding the seemingly efficient modular concepts.

We get it. Hours of scanning the web to find answers on her ideal home solution, and yours, is meant to be fun, not confusing!

We hear your confusion. With years in the industry, we have that proven ease, efficiency, and flexibility of modular far outweigh traditional building concepts.

In Australia, the building industry has long been dominated by traditional brick homes. As a result, myths and misperceptions have prevented many from seeing the benefits in modular building solutions.

Manor Homes - modular construction becomes new building alternative“Prefabrication is no longer just a viable alternative construction technique, but is increasingly being integrated into mainstream construction,” [1] says Warren McGregor, CEO of PrefabAus, a modular non-profit modular organization.




With Australia’s modular building industry wildly sprouting opportunities and “gaining strong momentum in its push to modernise Australia’s construction industry”[2], traditional building methods are set to change.

And for good reasons too.

Read on as we share the benefits with Sarah.

Modular leads the way with:

  • Shorter Construction Time:
    Modular homes are constructed offsite in factories, using a method we call ‘system-built’ construction. These purpose built factories allow construction to continue without onsite hindrances like weather.
    Once the design, and council approval is complete, construction happens in little as 10 – 12 weeks.
    Manor Homes - modular building process
  • Structurally sound and durable:Manor Homes - steel piering system
    Modular homes are designed to be transported from the production facility to the client’s site.
    This means that the structure of the home is built to withstand being moved through high wind speeds, and being installed onsite.
    These forces would equate to that of natural ground movement.
    Modular homes are placed on steel piers that extend below the ground surface. When movement of the ground occurs, steel piering has the ability to absorb this due to the amount of securements in the ground.
    In comparison, if land beneath the concrete slab of a brick home moves, then it is subject to cracking and very expensive, sometimes even irreparable damage.
  • Remote locations:
    Manor Homes - building in remote locations‘System-built’ construction provides the ultimate housing solution for buyers in remote locations. Since production takes place in one location, there are no cost blow-outs or delays by having builders drive to your site to complete a traditional brick build.
    Costs of transport are provided in your obligation-free quote, so you know at the start how much you have to pay.
    We believe in transparency in all areas and our ‘system-built’ methods allow us to achieve this.
  • Design Flexibility:
    Can’t find a design that suits, have specific needs, or want to match that amazing kitchen your best friend has? No problem.
    Our range of designs can be tailored according to the client’s needs and wants, creating a home that suits their lifestyle vision.Manor - Mitchell 3 MKII Kitchen DetailRather than ‘project style’ brick options, with significant costs for changes; premium inclusions and quality are our construction standard, and our PC items exceed the industry average.
    A selection of cladding types available also means you can have anywhere from a rendered texture to country style weatherboard exterior finish – the end result is your choice.



In Warren MacGregor’s industry publication, ‘Changing the face and Place of Construction’[3], he makes the design benefits clear.

“The disadvantages of modular construction were easier to identify in the past, when rigid design parameters and ‘boxy’ dimensions were commonly-cited criticisms. … Such shortcomings are quickly receding with flexibility now a key feature”.

It’s all about partnering with you to ensure the home we build is the home you want.

Contact Manor to discover your innovative ‘system-built’ solution today.


[1] http://ttthinc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Changing-Face-of-Construction-web1.pdf

[2] According to new director of PrefabAUS and Wood and Grieve Engineers principal John Lucchetti,

[3] http://amtil.com.au/uploads/AMT_NOVEMBER_2015_4/index.html#36